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A visit from Regional Development UGM to Malang during KKL to PWK UB consist of 5 lecturer e.g Prof. Dr. R. Rijanta, M.Sc., Dr. Rini Rachmawati, M.T., Prof. Dr. M. Baiquni, M.A., Dr. Estuning Tyas Wulan Mei, M.Si. and Dr. Andri Kurniawan, M.Si. Encountered by Dr. Ir. Abdul Wahid Hasyim, MSP., Ir. Ismu Rini Dwi Ari, MT., Ph.D, […]

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Regional Development Department of UGM helds KKL (Kuliah Kerja Lapangan) class named Studio Perencanaan Pengembangan Wilayah. In this class, students needed to implement theory, concept, and methods of regional development in real life. it happens to fulfil community needs in every life dimention especially in sustainable development. This KKL class’s theme was Development of agropolitan areas based […]

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one of ways to increase student quality is giving scholarship to them. This is a solution for students with above average score but they have economic problems. Different students fear their economic financial based on their family economy. that’s the reason why the Alumni of PWK UB inisiated this scholarship. This scholarship not only supported […]

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With the theme of “Social Capital On Water Management: A Social Network Approach To Understanding Rural Wellspring Community Involvement On Handling In Indonesia” Ir. Ismu Rini Dwi Ari, MT, Ph.D, a lecturer of Urban & Regional Planning (PWK) UB invited to deliver lectures at one of the best universities in the USA, Cornell University. Dr. […]

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In the quiet silent, may we find ourselves to be better in our journey forward. ”Happy Nyepi Day, Saka New Year 1939″ to all friends who celebrate it.

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During his visit to Indonesia, beside for being one of keynote speakers in the ICPEU 2017 event, Prof. Hans Westlund also provides time for guest lecturing at Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya. The Westlund’s class was held about 3 days (8-10 March 2017) is related his field of science, The Social […]

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Globalization is a process of interaction and integration amongst people, companies, and government of nations. Globalization can be a process driven by international trade which is supported by advancement of technology. In this era of globalization, network among people is necessary. It gives innovative ideas of research, improving capacity, and capability. More than 200 Indonesians […]

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