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The euphoria of good news from Tri Mulyani Sunarharum (PWK UB 2006) whom newly elected as Student of the Year 2015 at the Queensland University of Technology.  Yani (as we called) is an international student from Indonesia and the first PhD student to receive the award. Yani is currently completing a doctoral degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the university.

“I was surprised to receive the award. Do not think that I would get it. Being one of the nomination was proud,” said Yani in a conversation with Indonesia reporters ABC Australia Plus L. Sastra Wijaya on Tuesday (09/06/2015).

“When I know that I won these awards, in addition to feeling surprised and very grateful, I am proud by being part of Indonesia,” she said.

“It turned out real Indonesian students could also receive the prestigious award of this kind and make Indonesia is better known and taken into account by the university community and abroad,” added Yani, who previously was a lecturer’s assistantat the University of Brawijaya.

This is the second time Yani been nominated as an exemplary student. Last year she was also nominated in the same event but failed to snatch the title. To be the nomination, Yani nominated by QUT Alumni Chapter of Indonesia, one of the staff QUT International and also from the Faculty of Science and Technology. Each year the best students are those who not only do well in academics but also give contribution to the wider community both local and international communities.

In addition to the academic field, Yani is also very active in non-academic fields. Yani itself actively in the management of Indonesian Students Association of Australia (PPIA) and in the management now becomes Chairman II in charge of external activities. She also often appeared in a variety of community activities as a dancer, and singer. Shee is the founder of the group’s multicultural art lovers at QUT. As Vice Chairman of PPIA Branch QUT, Yani is also involved in the committee that facilitates the visit of President of Indonesia Joko Widodo to the university on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Brisbane last year.

After completing S1 at the Faculty of Engineering of Brawijaya, Yani started the master education at QUT in 2012 before it was followed by a doctorate in education in 2013, and will be completed at the end of 2015. (IF)

source: http://www.australiaplus.com/indonesian/2015-06-09/mahasiswa-phd-asal-indonesia-terbaik-di-qut/1456742