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During his visit to Indonesia, beside for being one of keynote speakers in the ICPEU 2017 event, Prof. Hans Westlund also provides time for guest lecturing at Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya. The Westlund’s class was held about 3 days (8-10 March 2017) is related his field of science, The Social Capital.

Westlund describes the social capital associated with innovation, regional dimensions and how it relates to regional and infrastructure development. In addition, Prof. Wetlund told about the history of regional development in Scandinavia and how its condition now.

Located in the Hall of Suryono Dekanat Building Faculty of Engineering floor 2, In 3 days the class is fulfilled by students PWK class of 2014 to 2016 with high enthusiasm both at the time of class and or during the discussion session. Prof Westlund was very happy because his guest lecture is successfully held, he also expressed his pleasure with UB students. He was hoping that someday he can participate again in PWK’s activities such as international seminars or guest lectures.