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Regional Development Department of UGM helds KKL (Kuliah Kerja Lapangan) class named Studio Perencanaan Pengembangan Wilayah. In this class, students needed to implement theory, concept, and methods of regional development in real life. it happens to fulfil community needs in every life dimention especially in sustainable development.

This KKL class’s theme was Development of agropolitan areas based on sustainable development. Kota Batu was choosed as its location. Kota Batu stated as one of agropolitan area based on Perda Kota  Batu Nomor 3 pasal 16 tahun 2004 about rencana tata ruang wilayah Kota Batu 2003 –  2013. In 2007, Kota Batu formed Pokja Agropolitan through Walikota Batu’s decree.  this KKL attended by 59 students and 5 lecturer of  Program  Studi Pembangunan  Wilayah,  Departemen  Geografi  Pembangunan,  Fakultas Geografi UGM.

General  Lecture  about Understanding Cities and Region which held on Monday, 8 Mei 2017. Lecturer from PWK UB Dr. Ir. Agus Dwi Wicaksono, lic.rer.reg gave description and geographic of Kota Batu so that it can increase their knowledge to know more about Kota Batu. S_6102094777691