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Facing the accreditation process of Urban & Regional Planning (PWK) Undergraduate Program that will take place in 2019,  the Quality Assurance Unit (UJM) team has evaluated the performance of the department and the said program, one of them is the academic affairs. The focus of the current performance evaluation is on the mechanism of final task activity especially related to the period of study and the drafting period. The evaluation was discussed in the Workshop on Updating the Colloquium System and Final Project of PS S1 PWK.

The workshop was held for two days at Harris Hotel & Conventions Malang on 12-13 March 2018 and promoted by the Head of Functional Group of Colloquium and Final Project Nindya Sari, ST., MT. Prior to this activity, the committee has conducted Open Talk with students related to the obstacles, criticisms, and suggestions by PWK  undergraduates students who have taken the Final Project. From the aspirations obtained, the institution trying to evaluate the colloquium system and the final project that had been implemented.

The workshop which was attended by lecturers, educational staff, and undergraduate students discussed five main subjects; The final project arrangement, mechanism of each stage of final project preparation (proposal and report preparation), thesis defenses, assessment mechanism, and the scope of the final project substance.

The output of this workshop will be included in the academic guidebook 2018-2019 and the manual for the preparation of Final Project of PWK Undergraduate Program as a reference in the implementation and preparation of the Final Project report. The activity that’s chaired by Deni Agus Setyono, ST., M.Eng received positive appreciation from the Secretary of PWK Department, Ir. Ismu Rini Dwi Ari, MT., Ph.D.

“This workshop will provide a more concrete output to shorten the duration of colloquium and the final project duration,” Ismu said. (AA/mic)