The development of community activities and the demands of development should make us more creative in planning and organizing the development of the regions and cities. then in the era of regional autonomy, the expansion of the regional authority in the management of existing resources into the potential and challenges related to development planning and development of a region or city. MANAGEMENT dayatersebut resources development and need human resources (HR), which has the capacity and expertise were quite good. Therefore, it is necessary to the development of personal or personnel who have the ability in the field of City and Regional Planning adequately.
Programs PWK UB Faculty of Engineering in this case feel a responsibility to support any development activities at national and regional level by providing opportunities for the public, professionals and government officials to improve the quality and ability of himself through the delivery of the Master of PWK (PS MPWK).
Based on the above requirements, then in 2000, the Department of City and Regional Planning held in cooperation with the City Government of Tarakan in the form of a special class for the Master Program in Civil Engineering and Transportation PWK interest. In 2002, PS Technical Magister Civil (MTS) interest PWK UB received the first batch. Since then, cooperation with other institutions held one of them is a special class educational planning in 2005, so it can be said PS MPWK actually have contributed in generating luluasan who are competent in their respective fields.
During its development, the need PWK science graduates is growing both in quantity and quality of the curriculum so that it takes to answer the challenge. Therefore, PS MPWK offers two interest PWK science expertise to meet the above requirement. PS MPWK interest offered more to the realm of the urban and territorial.