“after graduated from PWK UB, i was working at Bappenass as professional staff. and then I moved to Kementerian PU as PNS. Been working in high government institutional has experienced me with many complicated competitions and threats. Alhamdulillah I can survive. as PWK UB alumni I feel like I have competences like what other’s prestigious planning school get. I got promoted in Bidang Bina Program  which is the PU’s ganglion. what I have now is what I get during study at PWK UB in 4 years. My lecturer once said,“Anda jangan seperti kura-kura dalam perahu, jangan menutup mata dengan keilmuan lain.” It means that I still have to learn any other field as a professional planner (with knowledge do.  and that message works. thank you PWK! ” – Azibi Taufik Jauhari, ST. (PNS, PWK UB Angkatan 2000)


dwa“Study at PWK UB being my solid base form me to go international level. the scientific (both theory and practise) was delivering me to take a class on ITB and get Australian Development Scholarship to take part in Environmental Management’s Master Program on Queensland University. Now i am working at PWK UB as lecturer and researcher and it makes the opportunity to develop my skill through international conferences are more wide open including conference at Detroit Michigan US and urban environment symposium in Gothenburg Sweden. i am so badly proud being on of PWK’s alumni.” – Dimas Wisnu Adrianto, ST., MT., M.Env.Man (Lecturer, PWK UB Angkatan 1999)



“PWK UB was cool, there are so many job opportunities can be entered in many fields. I am working in the Planning Bureau of Ministry of Internal Affairs who coordinated the entire work program in Kemendagri. Substantially what I get during school yet completely unused, but PWK can be my basic skill to learn others field such as economics, law, transportation, tourism and more so that makes me understand so easy. In addition, the time-intensive work rhythm which was not a problem because since study at PWK UB I’ve had accustomed to working under time pressure. Working in teams and working independently is the foundation soft skill I get, and it supports me on work. Anyway, PWK UB is extra-ordinary, both students and lecturers are all great (especially class of 2003). No regret having a good time in PWK UB. 🙂 ” – Retno Pujiningsih, ST. (PNS, PWK UB Angkatan 2003)


1913790_1063541089168_1081608_n“”I get discipline during what I do until now. I can work until late at office, and somehow i confused when I have nothing to do. so that we can finish our work on time (although somehow it out of target). we can survive in many situations because of mental development that I get while taking years on study at PWK UB.”  – Vendy Prayasdika Widharma, ST. (PNS, PWK UB Angkatan 2004)




“I am working at Biro Perencanaan Kementerian Perhubungan RI esp. Bagian Rencana. My journey to be here was not easy. I ever worked in Consultant company and trapped as banker. But I am back in plano’s field in 2009 when I registered as PNS at Kementerian Perhubungan RI. The knowledge I received in PWK UB was very useful when determining the location for guarding airports, seaports, SDP port and determination of train’s trace. Thinking methods and report presenting methods that I have learned during study been very useful in guarding the documents’ preparation. Besides, knowledge about development finance are also useful in the making of strategic planning in my field.” – Irma Yusfida, ST, MT. (PNS, PWK UB Angkatan 2002)