Urban and Regional Planning Department is one of department inFaculty of Engineering, Brawijaya University. Urban and Regional Planning Department has some laboratories which consist of: Environment, Infrastructure and Information System (EIIS) Laboratory, Regional Development and Public Policy (RDPP) Laboratory and Urban Design and Development Laboratory.

Since 1998, Urban and Regional Planning UB become one of the best planning department in Indonesia and has 32 lecturers (more than halfare full-time lecturers) until now.

The development of Urban and Regional Planning department based onsome fundamental questions: “Can we prosper the community? Can we plan cities better? Can we protect the sustainability of city and region? Can the people take part on their region’s development?”

The Urban and Regional Planning students get some unique methods that reflect the vision and mission of the department:

  • Being practitioners in various fields of urban and regional planning.
  • Mastering one or more special offers.
  • Integrating the technology resources in Engineering Faculty and Brawijaya University in thefield of planning.
  • Exchanging knowledge with practitioners.
  • Students are directed to implementing planning skills in the public, private and non-profit area.