“Realising international-Scale Educational Institutions of Urban and Regional Planning based on Sustainable Development for Developing Countries”


  •  Strengthen the capacity of Internal Program
  • Develops the stakeholder in National and Asian level
  • Produces qualified and competitive
  • Produces research-oriented community service of sustainable development for developing countries


  •  Competences of academic and administrative staff in order to support the achievement of international institutions
  • Helds teaching and learning program with good’s quality
  • Creates partnership with professional and school associations and world level planning asia
  • Produces graduates who are competitive, global perspective, and oriented towards sustainable development planning, especially the urban and rural development
  • Produces graduates who are independent, entrepreneurial skills, critical thinking and analytical powerless intellectually, socially and culturally.
  • Generates research performance in accordance with the mainstream laboratory for sustainable development in developing countries
  • Implements service to the public in accordance with the field of science and the needs of society

Service appointments:

Urban and Regional Planning Department are determined to apply integrated work system to provide the best service in order to realize the satisfaction of service users in increasing the excellent service of Urban and Regional Department.