Department History


Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PWK), previously known as Planology Engineering, is one of 8 study programs in the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya. The department was established in 1998 as one of the study programs in the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering in accordance with DIKTI Decree Number 69/Dikti.Kep/1998 on March 2, 1998. Then after 7 years of being part of the Department of Architecture study program, the Department stood alone based on DIKTI Decree Number 109/Dikti.Kep/1998 on August 15, 2005 as the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PWK).

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PWK) has 3 special fields that are accommodated by several laboratories, namely Environment, Infrastructure, and Information System Laboratory (EIIS), Regional Development and Public Policy Laboratory (RDPP), dan Urban Planning and Design Laboratory (UPD). Since its establishment in 1998, the Department of PWK FT-UB developed as one of the best planning schools in Indonesia. The department evolved based on some fundamental questions such as "Can we prosper society? Can we plan cities better? Can we maintain the sustainability of cities and regions? How can we integrate rural-urban areas to ensure sustainability that is adaptive to changing times?"

Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PWK), Brawijaya University has developed a lot in terms of human resources, cooperation with external parties, department management and funding, infrastructure, and student affairs. Every year, PWK FT-UB experiences an increase in the number of students and alumni of PWK graduates who make themselves committed to planning regions and cities for the better. Until now, PWK FT-UB has 31 lecturers. During its establishment since 1998, the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PWK) has changed the leadership of the study program 7 times. In this period, the leaders of the Regional and City Planning (PWK) Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya for the period 2021 - 2025, are as follows:

Head of Department : Dr. Eng. I Nyoman Suluh Wijaya, ST., MT

Secretary of Department : Johannes Parlindungan, ST., MT., Ph.D